Africa Prays — first batch

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Sometime in December of 2020, while on a retreat, the Lord reminded me of the word He gave to Evangelist Reinhard Bonkke “to see a blood-washed Africa”. He said to me to hold intercessory meetings to this effect.

So far, we have prayed for; Algeria, Angola, the Republic of Benin, Botswana, Burundi, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Chad, Comoros, The Democratic republic of Congo (Kinshasa), the Republic of Congo (Brazzaville). We broadcast this prayers via Mixlr. We started on February 1, 2021 and we trust that God will continue to supply strength and revelatory insight.

The essence of writing however, is to track the prophetic words that the Lord has been giving us for every country with the passage of scriptures that he gave us as a testimony to confirm those words. (every week — Friday we will post). We will however try to compress the words here for these 11 countries that we have prayed for so far (sorry for making it tedious for you to read winks*).

Algeria (01/02/2021)

(Psalms 102:13, 2 Cor 4:6, Gen 1:1–3)

  • I am bringing political stability
  • I will begin to cause the political powers in Algeria to bend and to bow
  • I am raising men; the city gates are open

Angola (05/02/2021)

  • There will be peace.
  • ‘I saw dark clouds unfolding as though a new day was unfolding’

The Republic of Benin (08/02/2021)

  • I saw mining activities: Discovery of new minerals; Oil in the south and Gold in the North.

Botswana (12/02/2021)

(Psalms 102:13, 106:9–11, 2Cor 4:4)

  • The time has come to have mercy on her
  • There will be a change in constitution to unite the tribes; a riot may be necessary to foster that and there will be a quick relief as though it never happened.

Burkina Faso (15/02/2021)

(Psalms 44:1–6)

  • There will be peace
  • God shall command His favour and Deliverance for He will cause His countenance to Shine.

Burundi (19/02/2021)

(Isaiah 11:1–3, Joel 2:2, 28–29)

  • There will be boldness in the land.
  • There will be knowledge of witty inventions
  • There will be shekinah glory to deal with maladies.

Cameroon (22/02/2021)

(Psalms 121:1–8. Psalms 23:3)

  • A horn (voice) arises.

Central African Republic (01/02/2021)

(Lamentation 3:23)

  • God moving through men, will cause there to be a continental change.

Chad (05/03/2021)

(Isaiah 60:17, Jeremiah 20:11–13, Psalms 149:5–9)

  • Substitution will happen in the four levels of governance

Comoros (08/03/2021)

(Lamentations 3:21–23, 1 Timothy 2:1–4)

  • There will be Unity, faith, peace and progress
  • There will be no famine.

Congo -the Democratic republic (12/03/2021)

(Psalms 126:1–6, Isaiah 44:24–28)

  • The Lord is turning the captivity of wickedness
  • Light is breaking forth as a new day dawns.
  • There will also be knowledge of witty inventions and discoveries
  • Congo will be rebuilt
  • There shall be a new administration

Congo- the republic (15/03/2021)

(Psalms 85:6–8, 82:5)

  • The Lord is re-ordering what has been out of course.
  • It is well with Congo
  • The salvation of the Lord will be seen in the Republic of Congo

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