Africa Prays (prophesies for the nations) — second batch

2 min readMay 4, 2021

This is a compilation of the second phase of the countries we have prayed for. You can track these prophecies with us.

15/03/2021- Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

Text: Joel 2:10–12, Psalms 121

  • Mercy.

22/03/2021- Djibouti

Text: Isaiah 32:15–18, Psalms 20:6–9

26/03/2021- Egypt

Text: Isaiah 58:6

  • There will be Jonahs who will arise to compel massive repentance.
  • Unless we pray, there will be a crippling earthquake that will bring the economy to its knees.
  • There will be severe famine unless there are josephs.

29/03/2021- Equitorial Guinea

Text: Isaiah 64:7, Psalms 126:1–3

  • A new day dawns; a new chapter is being opened.

02/04/2021- Eritrea

Text: Habakkuk 2:4, Psalms 85:8

  • There will be a supply of the spirit.
  • There will be peace, come what may.
  • We will begin to see female presidents; Deborahs will arise. They will be judges in the land against corruption.

05/04/2021- Eswatini

Text: Isaiah 41:17–18

  • Behold, the hand of the Lord will do great things.

09/04/2021- Ethiopia

Text: Psalms 102:13–16

  • A new order of governance is being restored.
  • “I saw huge construction activities as we prayed” — Bolu Olatunji

12/04/2021- Gabon

Text: 1 Timothy 2:1–4

  • We prayed for missionaries (col 1:11).
  • A new day dawns.

16/04/2021- Gambia

Text: Isaiah 46:8–9, 1Tim 2:1–4

  • An end comes to every brewing war. There will be peace.

19/04/2021- Ghana

Text: Lamentation 3:21

  • Great is my faithfulness says the Lord.
  • An Attack on the president’s life will be averted.
  • Ghana will experience the goodness of God.

23/04/2021- Guinea

Text: Psalms 3:1–7

  • Guinea will not be split any further.
  • There will be peace; They will know what it means to experience my peace, says the Lord.
  • Nothing will be missing nor broken.

26/04/2021- Guinea- Bissau

Text: Psalms 85:6, Genesis 1:1–3

  • My presence is hovering over the nation.
  • There will be wisdom for progress.
  • The country will experience my peace.

30/04/2021- Kenya

Text: Isaiah 41:1–2,10

  • Kenya will be established in the righteousness of God.
  • Kenya is protected from neo-colonialism and they are debt-free.
  • There will be revival in the churches.
  • The agricultural sector experiences a boom and Kenya will begin to export cash crops in billions.
  • The mining of bitumen will ensue.

03/05/2021- Lesotho

Text: Isaiah 66:9–14

  • Cattle and Milk exportation will increase.
  • Lesotho will be comforted.
  • I will extend borders and the trade boundaries of Lesotho.




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