Start again.

So like everyone, I have had to start things over due to alot of reasons among which were; fear of failing, ignorance, laziness, what-will-people-say, etc.

I pastor a hundred+ people but truth be told, there were only a 'few' committed men in the ministry. I was anointed but discouraged. I kuku reminded God that I wanted to be a piano boy not a Pastor.

"I am many things but not a pastor", so I thought. I was trying to get God to stop wasting his time.
Every time, I 'failed', He'd figuratively hold my hand and whisper to me... "Let's try again".

Well, so I started again with 17 people. I preached with all of my heart for three days. They reminded me why God called me. We had mad fun (sorry for the 'mad'- such an unholy word. Loooool)

"I have found that the purpose of failure is to confirm our convictions."

You failed abi?
Oya start again!

Bolu Olatunji



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